— May 2024

Opus : 34 n°1 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)


I composed in the past, this three-parts canon for young women who represent the angel Gabriel, in a trinitarian polyphony. I rewrote the text much later in order to evoke the moment when Mary receives the Announcement, like a stretch of time. She responds to it very briefly and in a confident voice, calling to mind the Gregorian Credo III. This is followed by a poem of Paul Eluard’s, in which he seemed to me to speak of Mary with great delicacy.

Recordings, audio excerpts: CD ‘Lucis memoria’, November 2011, Label Inconnu LI 11-1001, distribution codæx.

Soloists of Mikrokosmos conducted Loïc Pierre.

Difficulty rating: moderate to difficult

Thierry Machuel, according to the Christian tradition
Paul Eluard

French, Latin

3 sopranos, 1 mezzo, mixed choir

8 mins approx.

Three-parts cycle : « Annonciation », « Réponse », « Celle qui s’est donnée »


Extraits audio

  • Salutation
    CD Lucis memoria
  • Réponse
    CD Lucis memoria
  • Celle qui s'est donnée
    CD Lucis memoria
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