Bestiaire de Noël

— May 2024

Opus : 34 n°1 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)

At the threshold of the crèche, the animals crowd around. They too are entitled to ecstasy! But are they really so different from us? The author depicts them in a strangely familiar way, in poems that are both erudite and mischievous, to which I have added a word of Greek or Latin, just to show that the Divine Liturgy is open to the humblest creatures…

Recordings, audio excerpts: CD ‘Lucis memoria’, November 2011, Label Inconnu LI 11-1001, distribution codæx. Mikrokosmos soloists conducted by Loïc Pierre.

Difficulty rating: medium

Claude-Henri Rocquet

French, greek, latin

Mixed-voice choir, with soloists and occasional divisions

15 mins approx.

Cycle in 7 parts : « Le hibou », « L’araignée », « La puce », « Le chien », « Le rossignol », « Les moutons », « L’escargot »

Extraits audio

  • Le hibou
    CD Lucis memoria
  • L'araignée
    CD Lucis memoria
  • La puce
    CD Lucis memoria
  • Le chien
    CD Lucis memoria
  • Le rossignol
    CD Lucis memoria
  • Les moutons
    CD Lucis memoria
  • L'escargot
    CD Lucis memoria
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