Einmal, da hörte ich Ihn

— May 2024

Opus : 15 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix et instrument(s)

This work is part of a cycle of seven Duetti for voices and instruments, in which the idea of dialogue, as expressed by a poet like Edmond Jabès, is made perceptible: “The stranger allows you to be yourself, by making you a stranger. ” Here are two protagonists, who try to break their isolation by becoming in turn presence or absence for the other, word or landscape, crossing their paths in common resonances.

CD Einmal, ensemble Ptyx, production Vous ne rêvez pas encore 2017 (complete cycle), with Emilie Tillier, soprano, and Antoine Moulin, clarinets

Book-CD ” Outre-Chœur …”, ensemble Territoires du souffle, ed. B.Doucey 2016 (excerpt below with alto and double bass), with Caroline Chassany, soprano, and Arnaud Cuisinier, double bass

difficulty rating: very difficult

Paul Celan


Soprano and clarinet (in Eb, B, A and bass in B)

Cycle in 4 parts: Part I: poems 1 to 3, Part II: poems 4 to 7, Part III, poems 8 and 9, Part IV: poems 10 to 12

5 Duetti are still in project, three have been realised (see Le ore del giorno and Amal waqti)

Extraits audio

  • Einmal ... Partie 1
    CD Ptyx "Einmal ...", Emilie Tillier, Antoine Moulin
  • Einmal ... Partie 2
    CD Ptyx "Einmal ...", Emilie Tillier, Antoine Moulin
  • Einmal ... Partie 3
    CD Ptyx "Einmal ...", Emilie Tillier, Antoine Moulin
  • Einmal ... Partie 4
    CD Ptyx "Einmal ...", Emilie Tillier, Antoine Moulin
  • Es ist ein Land, verloren ...
    Livre-CD « Outre-Chœur ..», ensemble Territoires du so
Editeur : Éditions Musicales du Tremble -