Histoires de verrous – Nous d’ici bas

— May 2024

Opus : Opus 64 n°1 & 2 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix et instrument(s)

The excluded. On all sides. From a few words by Clairvaux inmates, other words come to us, about all kinds of exclusion, due to loneliness, illness, war or old age. J.P. Siméon’s simple poems open our eyes and our hearts.

This opus has taken several forms: the first was premiered at Clairvaux prison with the children of prison guards in 2011; a second, entitled Nous d’ici-bas, was expanded with a text by Amina Saïd and premiered in Marseille with children from the northern suburbs; a third is currently being studied, with texts by Jean-Pierre Siméon alone, while Nous d’ici-bas is part of Opus 55, Chants de lumière et d’exil.

Difficulty rating: easy

Jean-Pierre Siméon


Work for children’s choir, mixed choir and percussion (sheet metal and locks)

Duration: 20 minutes
Detailed cycle: parts 1 to 7



Extraits audio

  • Prise de son « Live » du concert de 2011 à la Maison Centrale de Clairvaux
Editeur : Œuvre non publiée -