— May 2024

Opus : 80 / Type d'œuvre : chantInstru

Contemporary poetry evokes the links forged between Brittany at the end of the 19th century and Iceland, on which shores the “Icelandic” Breton fishermen often landed when their schooner did not capsize during the crossing. The story imagined by Pierre Loti, whose death we will be celebrating in 2023, is not specifically mentioned in these poems written in the second half of the 20th century, but it is present in the background, just as the monuments and legends dedicated to dead sailors have nourished our imagination ever since.
At present, only two melodies based on poems by Yvon Le Men are available.

Estimation de la difficulté : moyen
Autrices et auteurs des textes, langues : Yvon Le Men, Anna S.Björnsdottir, Nina Björk Arnadottir, Eugène Guillevic, Angela Duval, Louis Guillaume, Kathleen Raine, Per Jakez Helias Français, islandais, breton, anglais
Les bouteilles : soprano, ténor et piano La barque : mezzo-soprano, baryton et piano Quatuor vocal (SATB), flûtes / binious, harpe, accordéon
Deux mélodies sur des poèmes d'Yvon Le Men sont achevées pour l'instant : Les bouteilles et La barque. Des esquisses existent également sur des poèmes d'Angela Duval et des essais en islandais Durée : 5 mn environ chacune