Le chant

— May 2024

Opus : 23 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)

I have often been inspired by the Breton poet Eugène Guillevic, which has led me to set many of his works to music, including this one, for which I have taken a few short poems from his eponymous collection: it was a wonderful surprise to read what he has chosen to say about the song of all things and all beings, from the infinitesimal to the immense, from the ladybird to the planets. Joyful, profound and always accessible… Was he a singer in another life?
A new version is in preparation, with a highly developed piano part.

Difficulty rating: easy to moderate

Eugène Guillevic
Texts collected and put into a booklet by the composer.

Mixed a cappella choir

A new version with piano is in preparation

About 25 minutes


Editeur : Éditions Musicales du Tremble -