Les Heures de la nuit

— May 2024

Opus : 6 / Type d'œuvre : Pour Instruments

From dawn to the very end of the night, this work follows the path of light over a period of twenty-four hours, and its effects on a landscape of land and sea. The full sun splits into a shimmering dance on the water surface, and the last glitters of the day sound like a lamento extendeded by the harsh sounds of the cymbalum in the progressing gloom.

The form of the work is inspired by the monastic office.

Recordings, audio excerpts: recording by Radio-France for the programme Alla breve. Pascal Le Pennec and Philippe Borecek on accordion, Cyrille Dupuy on cymbalum.

Difficulty rating: very difficult

instrumental music

2 accordions and cymbalum

duration: 10mins approx.

Extraits audio

  • Les Heures de la nuit
    Enregistrement Radio-France, émission Alla Breve
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