Les mouvements du cœur dans le frisson du saule

— May 2024

Opus : 32 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)

Making today’s vocals available to all audiences. Taking a playful approach to contemporary harmonies, whether in a broader key or frankly atonal. Moving from monody to double-choir, from whispering to shouting, from written imitation to collective improvisation – all this is possible in Les mouvements du cœur, and always to poems that are both mischievous and profound, where gravity never overshadows joy, where mingling with the audience is a delight…

Piece No. 10 from the original collection, Ce que la mer abandonne, was sung by a large number of choirs.

The celérifère, on the recording below, is a new work by the ensemble Territoires du souffle. The piece mixes 2 poems, and in a seemingly light tone, denounces the patriarchy still alive in our society.

Difficulty rating: very easy to moderate

Jean-Yves Léopold

Texts collected and put into a booklet by the composer.


Mixed choir

Duration, details of the form :

Approximately 30 to 40 minutes

Initial 10-part cycle: Laissez porter au vent, Tout file entre les doigts, Si tu veux mon avis, Les étoiles parmi les étoiles, Enfant paisible ô frère, Saché-je, Ouvre plus grand tes ailes, Il faut savoir s’y faire, Ta vie soit une flèche, Ce que la mer abandonne.

Some parts have been added over the years: Pour la douceur, Le célérifère, Tous les possibles, Amitié

Extraits audio

  • Le célérifère
    Inédit de Territoires du souffle
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