Nous sommes cendre et flamme dans le cercle du monde

— May 2024

Opus : 24 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)

I composed this work within the constraint of a pre-existing video by Antonella Bussanich. I chose the texts in particular from the collection Gisements de lumière, in which Amina Saïd manages to express the painful condition of exile in a radiant way. This allowed me to go far in the search for a choral sound plastic that could be both independent of the image and in constant dialogue with it.

Publisher: Unpublished work so far

Difficulty rating: difficult

Amina Saïd
Texts collected and put into a booklet by the composer.

A cappella chamber choir divided into six parts, S,MS,A,T,Bt,B, with six soloists.

30 mn approx.

Cycle in 8 parts:
 Nous sommes ces rêveurs, Sous une lumière, Prendre une poignée de mots, Nous sommes les hôtes inconnus, Nous sommes cendre et flamme, intermède instrumental, Vivants nous sommes, D’une insouciance de la lumière. (We are these dreamers, Under a light, Taking a handful of words, We are the unknown guests, We are ash and flame, instrumental interlude, Alive we are, Of a carelessness of the light).

The instrumental interlude is done simply with a very low gong (tam-tam).

This work is now part of the Chants de Lumière et d’exil, Op. 55.


Editeur : Œuvre non publiée pour l'instant -