Bestiaire de Noël (new series)

— May 2024

Opus : 71 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)

Following on from the first collection and still based on poems by Claude-Henri Rocquet, here are a wolf, fish, a cow, a beggar and, as a provisional finale, the wine of the stars. This second collection is aimed at more experienced choirs than the first.

Other miniatures are being considered to extend the Bestiaire begun in the early 2000s: a squirrel, a hedgehog, a mole, a mayfly and a raven await their turn…

difficulty rating: moderate to difficult

Claude-Henri Rocquet
French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew

Mixed choir  (SATB with divisi)

Duration: 18 mins

Detailed cycle : 1. Le loup; 2. Les poissons; 3. Gueux; 4. La vache; 5. Le vin des étoiles



Editeur : Éditions Musicales du Tremble -