Cri du coeur

— May 2024

Opus : 44 n°2 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix et instrument(s)

Sketched out in 2007, these variations on the songs ‘La lune est morte’ and ‘Les boîtes à musique’, famous ‘hits’ by the Frères Jacques, are a significant departure from the original versions. I have turned their meaning towards a criticism of consumer society, where human mechanics are killing Nature, as symbolised by the first step on the moon. This theme was already evoked in the original song, but as a poetic loss and not as an ecological disaster.

The work cannot be published because there is too much distortion between my work and the original versions, which are jealously protected by the copyright owners.

Difficulty rating: easy


children’s choir, accordion, piano and double bass

Cycle in three parts :

After Les boîtes à musique

After La lune est morte


Editeur : Cette partition n'est pas éditée -