— May 2024

Opus : 89 / Type d'œuvre : Pour Instruments

I coined the word Inland(pœ)sis to evoke landscapes I’ve never been to, but which I’ve encountered through the poetry of contemporary authors. So the work invites us on an imaginary journey, through the sounds of these two singsong instruments, through the inner contemplation of what we still have within us of secret territories, of nature still alive despite the vagaries of the climate and the assaults of time.

Difficulty rating: moderate to difficult

Instrumental work for the time being
(a show with accordionists and a narrator, based on texts about arctic landscapes, is in preparation)

2 chromatic accordions
and in a form still in the planning stage, with a narrator

30 mins approx.

in 10 parts : Horizons, Souffle, Parois, Oubli, Nunatak, Neige, Tourbillons, Scintillements, Limite, Toundra

Editeur : Éditions Musicales du Tremble -