Nocturne (Richter)

— May 2024

Opus : 7 / Type d'œuvre : Pour voix seule(s)

The first of a long series of Nocturnes for a cappella choir, this work was first performed with a different text in 1999, and then reworked in 2002 to incorporate the poem by Benoît Richter. This change led us towards more night, a night that would fall on the whole earth at the same time, and that can be understood today as a prophecy of the current climate drama. I composed the music according to a spatialization that shows the choir on a single line facing the audience, with a dialogue starting in the centre and ending between the two voices located at the extremes of the stage, on the verge of breaking.

Recording, excerpts: CD ‘Psalm’, September 2004, Naïve V 4999, & Label Inconnu. Le Jeune chœur and Les Cris de Paris, conducted by Laurence Equilbey and Geoffroy Jourdain.

Difficulty rating: difficult

Benoît Richter

large mixed choir

Duration: 13mins approx.

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  • Nocturne (Richter)
    CD « Psalm », septembre 2004, Naïve V 4999, & Label Inconnu
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